SquashAI: Video Analytics for Squash


SquashAI provides professional-caliber analytics for squash athletes everywhere. Just record your game or match on your phone, then SquashAI will automatically generate detailed postgame stats, similar to what you see on TV for pro matches.

This was a fun COVID-19 quarantine side project, using computer vision to build something I had always wanted when I was playing competitive squash. The GIF above shows what the vision system “sees,” and below is an example postgame stats report:

How It Works

To build this, I manually annotated hundreds of frames of recreational squash videos on YouTube using LabelMe. Then I trained object detection algorithms for the different components of the vision system:

After the vision system does its thing, an analysis pipeline takes the normalized position data for the players, court, and ball, and generates the postgame stats report. While the system isn’t perfect, it works pretty well!

What Next?

There are a bunch of ideas I’d love to explore in the future: